Vacation Visits for Your Pup!

Your dogs can be cared for in the comfort of their own home.  No more boarding necessary!  We can discuss how many visits you need daily and the length of each visit. We will take care of feeding, and bathroom needs and walks if wanted, as well keeping your pets company and giving them tons of TLC!

We can also help with bringing in the mail, turning the blinds, bringing out the trash, water your plants, and any more needs you may have!

Meow Time for Your Kitty!

We are here to care for your kitties while you're away.  We make sure they have fresh water, clean feeding dishes before every meal, clean litter boxes and tons of attention and play.  If you have a more shy cat that is ok too!  We will take the time to learn your cats needs.

Pet Sitting

All of us at First Class Wags feel like our furbabies are more then just pets, but our children! So we understand how stressful it can be when your pets is sick, or has an injury or even has specific needs after a surgery.  Of course you want to be there for your pet during these difficult times but with the demands of life, such as work, you can't always be there.  

Pet Care

First Class Wags wants to make your life more convenient by offering a pet taxi service.  We can help you take your pet to places like the vet, groomer, doggie day care, home, and more. This service is especially helpful if you don't have a car, if your pet has appointments and you have to work, or if there is an emergency. We are here to help safely transport your pet!

We will be happy to visit, even if you require multiple visits a day, and take care of things like giving your pet their medication, making sure they have food and water (in scenarios where they are not able to get up easily), check that their bandages are still in place or change them if required, help them out to go potty, and even just visit to have someone there to sooth them after a surgery if you don't want them to be alone all day!

Private Sessions Available

Cancellation Policy

Vacation & Overnight stays must be cancelled by 9 P.M. the day before scheduled event or a service charge will be incurred.

Pet Taxi

For more information you can contact us or fill out our "Inquiry About Services" form!

If weekly classes don't fit into your schedule, or you wish to work on specific behaviors or cues, or have already taken classes and need a refresher, First Class Wags offers customized in home training for you and your pup!

Robin Tabor is First Class Wags' certified dog trainer.  She takes continued education classes and seminars to stay current with new training techniques.

Robin is ready to help you learn how to communicate effectively with your pup and teach you the skills, through positive training, to have a well mannered dog in your home, out in the neighborhood and at events.

This is a great way to achieve your goals on your time with step by step coaching.  
Contact First Class Wags and we can set up a free consultation or fill out our "Inquiry About Services" form.

For more information you can contact us or fill out our "Inquiry About Services" form!

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our services to clients, especially on extremely short notice!  Why Choose Us!

Bonded and Insured!

Quick Stretch! - 15 minutes 

You may have a puppy that is potty training, a senior dog, or your furbaby may just need a potty break while you are at work. 15 minutes may be all you need!

Time to Get Wagging! - 30 minutes

This is great for dogs that need to burn some energy  so they will be tired out and calm when you get home from work or if your pup needs a quick walk and you want us to have the time to give him or her lots of attention, playtime and cuddles. 

Paws up for More! - Add'l 15 minutes up to 1 hour.

Sometimes your dog just needs a little more time.  No problem, we can keep the pampering going!

Catch a Break and Save Money When You:

   - Choose 15 or 30 minute Dog Walking service 3 visits a week       on average.

   - Use this service for more then 1 dog.

This is great if you are going on vacation, had an injury or surgery and need help caring for your pets, or going away on a business trip.  Placing your pet in a boarding facility where you have no idea how your pet is really being treated, where they are kept in cages or kennels, where there are so many strangers and the noise of barking and whining of many other pets can be a very scary place for your pet.  We provide the TLC every pet needs while you are gone.  

We Take Care of Small Critters Too!

Whether you have hamsters, bunnies, snakes, chameleons, fish, birds, etc. the First Class Wags Team is ready to care for any pets, scales, fur, or feathers!  

Over Night Stays!

Your pets can get lonely at night while you are away.  We can be there for your pets to make sure they are comfortable and cozy!

   - 10 hour: 9pm-7am

   - 12 hour: 7pm-7am

Dog Training

Dog Walking/Exercise Plans

For more information you can contact us or fill out our "Inquiry About Services" form!

For more information you can contact us or fill out our "Inquiry About Services" form!

Dog Walking

​Same Day Requests

Same day requests have an additional service charge.  To avoid the additional service charge please have request in by 9 P.M. the previous day.

Cancellation Policy

Morning visits must be cancelled by 9 P.M. the night before the visit or a service charge will be incurred.  Mid-day to close of business visits must be cancelled by 9 A.M. the morning of the visit or a service charge will be incurred.

We have a wide variety of exercise that can be tailored to your pets needs.  At our initial "Meet and Greet" we will go over all of the options offered below so you can choose what you want us to do with your furbaby!! 

We offer Dog Walking (for however long you would like), Quick Potty Breaks, Playtime for those high energy pups, Back Yard Run Around, Brushing for those that love to be pampered, Feeding, and More!

We give Fresh Water, Tons of TLC, and a Treat every time!

Do you have a new puppy or rescue and want to teach basic obedience?  Do you feel like your dog is running your house?  Does your dog jump on you and your guests?  Did you stop walking your dog because it is no longer enjoyable because of pulling or barking?  First Class Wags can help you with all these behaviors and much more!